The Tavern Dessert Menu 

The Tavern invites you to relax and rejuvenate on our Grand Terrace overlooking the graceful Esopus Falls, or settle by the fireplace on cold winter nights as you enjoy decadent sweets from our new Fall Dessert Menu.  


 Something Sweet

 Frosted Root
Carrot Cake, Blood Orange Mousse, Pistachios

Apple Dumplings
Brown Sugar Cranberry Butter, Cinnamon Ice Cream

 Sweet Corn Bread Pudding
French Bread, Bourbon Sauce, Sweet Corn Gelato

 Purple Sweet Potato Doughnuts
Maple Glaze, House Made Marshmallow Meringue

 Rum Baba
Mascarpone Chantilly, Rum & Ginger Simple Syrup, Local Pear Salsa, Gingersnap

 Sugar Maple
Maple Mousse, Spiced Milk Chocolate Ganache, Pecan Sponge, Chocolate Glaze
Caramel Sauce Waffle Tuile

 Sweet Sampler
Apple Cider Doughnuts, Maple Cheesecake, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Cranberry & Orange Biscotti, Macarons, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Sauce

 Gillette Creamery Ice Cream
  Sorbet | Chocolate | Vanilla | Strawberry


 dessert cocktails

                        Espresso Martini                      
Espresso, Stoli Vanilla, Bailey’s, Kahlua

Pumpkin Spice Martini
Espresso, Vanilla Vodka, Bailey’s, Pumpkin Puree

Emergen Tea
D’usse, Anise, Juniper, Agave, Black Tea

Pastry Chef Kerry Hegarty

dessert wines


 Recioto Della Valpolicella Classico
Giovanni Allegrini, DOCG, ‘09
Aleatico, Elba, Cecilia, DOCG, ‘07
Cinqueterre Sciacchetra, Arrigoni, DOC, ‘98
Aleatico, Elba, Cecilia, DOCG, ‘07
Cinqueterre Sciacchetra, Arrigoni, DOC, ‘98



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